Karmic Mitigation™

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Master John Douglas Spiritual Teacher Karmic Repair Process for Karmic Mitigation™ with sun and planets in the background

What is Karmic Mitigation™?

Karmic Mitigation™ is what CMA, Master John Douglas and God's Master Angels do and is really the heart of Master John's mission on Earth.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Master John Douglas, he is a world-renowned theologian and spiritual teacher. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Master John is the world's foremost practitioner and teacher of Karmic Mitigation™. CMA, through and with Master John, educates spiritual aspirants — newcomers as well as those who have attended CMA seminars and/or the advanced Elite Development Course offered annually at CMA's headquarters in Boone, NC — about Karmic Mitigation™ via in-person seminars, on-line streaming teleseminars, and by invoking angelic aid through meditative processes available for purchase on CMA's website and at CMA's live seminars.

Together with his angelic companions, Master John employs and utilizes Karmic Mitigation™ to aid each spiritual aspirant in his or her journey through this incarnation. Master John also teaches spiritual aspirants how to mitigate negative karma on their own. Through Karmic Mitigation™ we can create profound change on the quantum invisible level to be experienced as profound healing on the physical level, as well as on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

As part of the teaching and learning about Karmic Mitigation, one often will hear the word karma during CMA International Foundation events and by using the Karmic Repair meditative process (available as a CD or MP3 download on CMA's website and at CMA's live, in-person seminars). Karma means action. It does not necessarily mean bad action (seeds of negative karma), and it can mean good action (seeds of positive karma).

Attending CMA seminars, using CMA tools and processes, and taking advantage of the meditative prayers all add to a person's karmic bank account, which later may be drawn from to mitigate the manifestation of negative karma. Negative karma can create imbalances in the physiology, health issues, and obstacles in life. Negative karma needs to be balanced and mitigated. Karmic Mitigation™ is what CMA, Master John and the Master Angels do and is really the heart of John's mission on Earth.

As one part of Karmic Mitigation™, CMA makes available on its website a remote prayer tool called a Karmic Mitigation™ Blessing, also known as a KMB. CMA makes this available as a purchase option on its website if people find themselves in need of immediate prayer support facilitated by Master John through the Master Angels, no matter where that person is located in the world.

If you would like to learn more about Master John's knowledge and tools, we invite you to visit and thoroughly review the CMA International Foundation website at GlobalCMA.org. While on the website, you may want to explore the Elite Development course, which you can do by clicking on Elite Course at the top of the home page. Also, please make sure to click the button to sign up for our free newsletter, the Divine Times, so that you will receive all the latest tour and event information.






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